The Runes Black Ale

Our first release is The Runes Black Ale due October 30th after the initial 4 week bottle conditioning in our constant climate underground cellars dug deep into the hillside.

The Runes ~ the Ancient Alphabet of the Norse Men first recorded in 150 AD. The sayings of the High One give power to The Runes to bring back the dead.

the Runes

This Ale won’t bring back the dead but will make you want to keep on living to enjoy its complex blend of 5 Malts, Viking herbs, Belgian Candy Sugars and Noble Hops.

Enjoy it from a Belgian style Ale glass best served at 7C to release and then capture the complex aroma. The Runes Black Ale is bottle conditioned ~ slowly ~ so that the final bottle fermentation and carbonation gives it a fine dense creamy head that laces down the glass sip after sip.


Enjoy it with Dark Chocolate, Goats Cheese or a slow cooked stew.
Stare into your wood fire and dream of days gone by and battles won.